Simone Sobel is currently ranked 35th on the US Top Women's List

Simone first learned the game of chess in the summer of 1993

Played her first tournament November 1993      

Won first place in the Chess for Juniors scholastic tournament- April 1994

Won the Under 1000 Rating prize in the Junior National Championship in Chicago- July 1994

Placed first in numerous California tournaments 1994-1997

The only female to place amongst the top 10 in the prestigious Southern California High School Championship. -1997

Competed in professional chess championships across the USA for 10 years Placed highly and won money prizes in various sections. Categories D, C, B , A, Expert, and Open in grand prix tournaments in Florida, New York, Chicago, Ohio, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Las Vegas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Achieved Class A-rating in  2008

Achieved international rating of Expert 2008 (FIDE- Federation International Des Echecs)

Currently ranked 35th on the Top US Women’s List



Larry D.Evans (International Master and experienced teacher)

John Watson (International Master)

Jack Peters (International Master, Writer of Los Angeles Times Chess Column, and experienced teacher)

Melik Khachian (Armenian Grandmaster and experienced International Chess Coach)

Susan Polgar (Three times Women's World Champion, and a true inspiration to all female chess players)

Gregory Kaidanov (Grandmaster and truly wonderful coach who taught me about life through chess, I continue to study with him to date)